Terms and Conditions for Everlast Wellness Medical Center

  1. Transferability of Treatment
  • Treatment plans are non-transferable and must be used by the patient who purchased them. Transferring services to others may lead to unsatisfactory results.
  1. Refund Policy
  • Single Services: Refunds for single services are available if canceled at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. A full refund will be issued to the original form of payment.
  • Packages: For packages, a prorated refund is available if the patient wishes to cancel the remaining unused sessions. The refund will be calculated based on the number of sessions used at the standard rate, not the discounted package rate, and any used sessions will be deducted from the total paid.
  1. Transfer Policy
  • Treatment plans and packages are non-transferable and must be used by the patient who purchased them. Transferring services to others may lead to unsatisfactory results.
  1. Appointment Cancellation
  • Appointment cancellations for offers are accepted if made at least four days prior to the booking date, for one-time rescheduling only, subject to availability.
  1. No-Show Policy
  • Failure to show up for a confirmed appointment will result in the loss of one treatment session from the purchased package, which cannot be replaced or rescheduled.
  1. Package Validity
  • Financial validity of packages is one year from the purchase date. Once treatment begins, medical validity is as follows:
    • Skin care & facial packages: 4 months (1 session every 4 weeks)
    • Body packages: 2 months (1 session every week)
    • Rejuvenation packages (PRP, derma pen, Pico/fractional, meso, RF): 6 months (1 session every month or as per doctor’s plan)
    • Laser packages: 1 year (1 session every 4 to 8 weeks)
  1. Consent to Treatment
  • By agreeing to treatment at Everlast Wellness Medical Center, you consent to receiving medical services from doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and trained medical staff under supervision. Your consent includes routine procedures such as blood samples, physical examinations, medication administration, imaging, and local anesthesia.
  1. Treatment Completion
  • You must complete the treatment plan within 12 months according to the treatment protocol. Incomplete sessions are your responsibility.
  1. Treatment Exchange
  • Requests for exchanging treatment sessions must follow a medical consultation to determine effectiveness. Exchanges are based on original prices, regardless of seasonal offers or discounts.
  1. No Guarantee of Results
  • Medical and surgical treatment results cannot be guaranteed. The center and medical staff are not responsible for personal satisfaction with treatment outcomes.
  1. Medical Data and Privacy
  • Your medical data may be reviewed by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi and approved bodies, maintaining confidentiality and privacy per regulations. Your data may also be used for clinical research with assured confidentiality.
  1. Photography and Skin Analysis
  • Consent is given for before and after photographs using Vectra/Next Motion Device for documentation and progress monitoring. A digital skin analysis may also be performed for a customized treatment plan.
  1. Duration of Consent
  • Your consent remains valid until the end of your treatment or until you request to stop. The center is not responsible for treatment outcomes after consent withdrawal.
  1. Reservation Management
  • Everlast Wellness Medical Center manages reservations and may change appointments or assigned doctors as needed. The center is authorized to make such changes.
  1. Personal Belongings
  • You are responsible for your personal belongings. Valuables can be deposited in the center’s safe upon request. The center is not liable for any items not deposited in the safe.
  1. Payment Responsibility
  • You are responsible for paying costs incurred from examinations and treatments per UAE laws and regulations. The center may cease treatment or services in the event of non-payment.
  1. Validity of Acknowledgment
  • This acknowledgment remains valid while under treatment at Everlast Wellness Medical Center. For refusals, please complete the specific Refusal Form.
  1. Rights and Responsibilities
  • You acknowledge understanding and agreeing to all rights and responsibilities outlined in this document, signing voluntarily.

Al Jameela Club Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Eligibility and Categories
  • Students (15-23 years): Eligibility is strictly for students actively enrolled in educational institutions. Verification requires a valid student ID and a current enrollment certificate at both application and each renewal, ensuring that benefits are provided to genuinely eligible young adults.
  • Adults (24-50 years): This category caters to mature individuals seeking comprehensive skincare solutions. A valid government-issued ID is required at the time of application to verify age accurately, ensuring that the membership is granted appropriately based on age-related skincare needs.
Comprehensive Membership Benefits
  • Unlimited Access to Core Facial Treatments:
    • REVITAPEARL SKIN THERAPY: Leverages the rejuvenating properties of natural pearl extracts to improve skin luminosity and texture.
    • REVIVE 365 Skin Therapy: A dynamic treatment adjusted seasonally to address the changing needs of the skin throughout the year, enhancing resilience and appearance.
    • INNOVALUX Skin Therapy: Uses advanced light-based technology to stimulate deep cellular renewal, promoting a youthful and vibrant skin tone.
  • Complimentary Services: Members receive ten additional premium services designed to enhance the effects of primary treatments, such as specialized masks and serums, which are strategically scheduled to optimize skin health over the membership period.
Subscription Details
  • Clear Subscription: An all-inclusive package offering unlimited access to listed treatments, priority in scheduling appointments, and access to exclusive promotional offers and events, providing significant value and luxury experience to members.
Add-On Services and Scheduling Requirements
  • Advance Booking: Ensures that members have preferred access to their chosen services by requiring bookings to be made at least 10 days in advance, allowing the facility to adequately prepare for the specific treatments.
  • Service Frequency for Add-Ons: Mandates that add-on services be utilized every two weeks, a frequency determined by dermatological experts to maximize treatment benefits and maintain the health and aesthetics of the skin.
  • Same-Day Booking for Complementary Treatments: Ensures a holistic approach to skin care. Services such as the Epiglow Skin Booster and Vitalips Lip Rejuvenation are designed to augment the results of the main treatments and must be administered on the same day to ensure cohesive care and optimal results.
  • Flexibility for Promotional Offers: Members can utilize their 20% discount coupons and book services like Magnitone and Oxyvital treatments independently of their primary treatment schedule, providing more flexibility and allowing members to take advantage of these benefits according to their personal convenience.
Appointment Management
  • Flexible Cancellation Policy: Designed to accommodate the unpredictable nature of members’ schedules, allowing for cancellations or rescheduling up to 72 hours in advance to avoid penalties.
  • Appointment Cancellation for Offers: Special promotional offers require a minimum of four days’ notice for cancellations or rescheduling, acknowledging the high demand and limited availability of these exclusive deals.
  • No-Show Policy: Addresses the issue of missed appointments by stipulating the forfeiture of the treatment session, emphasizing the value of the service and the need for responsible scheduling.
Quality Assurance and Satisfaction Guarantee
  • While striving to provide the highest quality in skincare treatments, the club acknowledges that individual results can vary widely based on genetic factors, skin type, environmental influences, and personal care habits, and thus cannot guarantee specific results.
Membership Integrity and Non-transferability
  • Reinforces the personal nature of the membership and its benefits, prohibiting the sharing or transfer of these privileges to maintain the exclusivity and personalized approach of the services offered.
Data Privacy and Security
  • Ensures rigorous protection of personal and medical data, which is used solely to enhance service delivery and will only be disclosed when legally required or with explicit member consent.
Financial Commitments and Responsibilities
  • Members are obligated to timely settle their membership fees and any additional incurred costs. Failure to comply can result in the temporary suspension of services, reinforcing the importance of financial responsibility.
Membership Continuity and Renewal
  • Membership terms last exactly one year, with renewal processes initiated one month before expiration to ensure continuous service provision without interruption.
Photography and Skin Analysis
  • Consent for Photography: Explicit consent is required for the use of specialized imaging technology to capture before and after photographs, serving as a tool for tracking treatment progress and outcomes.
  • Digital Skin Analysis: Advanced digital tools may be employed to assess skin condition and tailor treatments, enhancing the personalization of skincare programs.
Duration of Consent
  • Consent for treatment and related procedures remains effective until explicitly withdrawn by the member, with the clinic not held responsible for outcomes once consent is withdrawn.
Reservation Management
  • The clinic reserves the right to manage and alter reservations or assigned healthcare providers as necessary to optimize operational efficiency and service quality.
Personal Belongings
  • Members are reminded of their responsibility for personal belongings brought into the clinic, with an option to secure valuables in a safe to mitigate the risk of loss or theft.
Payment Responsibility
  • Clarifies members’ obligations to cover the costs of treatments and examinations in compliance with UAE laws, highlighting the potential cessation of services in cases of non-payment.
Validity of Acknowledgment
  • The acknowledgment of these terms remains in effect throughout the treatment period, requiring a formal refusal form to be completed if members choose to decline any aspect of the agreement.
Rights and Responsibilities
  • Members must acknowledge and accept all outlined rights and responsibilities, providing their voluntary agreement to abide by these terms. This ensures that both parties—member and medical center—are aligned in expectations and commitments, safeguarding a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship.

By joining Al Jameela Club, members are entering into a comprehensive agreement that is designed to ensure the highest standards of service and satisfaction. These detailed terms and conditions form the foundation of the contractual relationship between the member and Everlast Wellness Medical Center, aimed at providing an exceptional skincare experience.

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