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Everlast Wellness is an aesthetic wellness clinic that specializes in dermatological and anti-aging treatments and procedures. Our mission is to serve the local community with the highest level of health and wellness encompassing the body, mind, and spirit with the support of our team of medical experts that have over 10 years of experience in the aesthetic medicine sector.

Today’s healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, and there are many challenges to adapt to. With these mounting challenges, Everlast Wellness Medical Center remains committed to championing excellence in dermatology and aesthetic healthcare. Everlast strives to provide the highest standards of health care to its clients unceasingly,  which resulted in a significant increase in the number of patients visiting the facility – double the number of visits by of 1st Qtr. 2019 compared to 1st Qtr. 2018.

The resounding success can be attributed not only to the finest facility and cutting-edge technology, but more so, we have a superb team whose collective efforts generate resilient results where our client’s best interest, aesthetic and dermatologic care is served.

 Accordingly, Everlast needs to respond to the rising demands of our patients to increase the availability of services and meet their expectations. That cannot be achieved without engaging in SWOT Analysis; reviewing Patient Satisfaction Survey Report; developing a robust action plan that is aligned to the core objectives and operational activities of the center and  ultimately geared towards placing our patients in the center of care for which will be presented in this document.

Our Vision

Everlast Wellness’ mission is to provide options for a beautiful, younger, more attractive, and all-natural look. Our services include comprehensive advice to boost self-esteem, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and contribute to the individual’s quality of life and wellness

Our Mission

Everlast Wellness would be a world-class holistic center, offering excellence and innovation in the Cosmetic, Aesthetic, and Anti-aging healthcare fields. We aspire to provide the local community with the highest level for our valuable patients in UAE



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Emem Flores
Emem Flores
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Love coming back here. Purchased a 12 session facial package and just had my 9th facial session done with Aubrey. All the therapists were all excellent, and each visit they did different types of facial treatment depending on the condition of my skin. (Show Full Review)
Jaq Iglesias
Jaq Iglesias
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I like this clinic. Dr. Mona and Dr. Ebtihal were particularly amazing. They would suggest procedures that were specific to your needs. They won’t force you to take procedures that you’re not comfortable with. They would explain and give unbiased consultation. Dr. Muna was amazing with laser.
Rachel Montague
Rachel Montague
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Was reluctant to try this clinic once I read some of the reviews. But I'm so happy to report my experience has been amazing overall. The facility is super bright and clean, the staff are incredibly kind and knowledgeable and the pricing is the best in the UAE. I had BTL's Emsculpt treatments, and the results are fantastic.

Everlast Group

Everlast Academy

Our Academy's priority is to teach our students on a scientific basis, to increase awareness of overall health and appearance.

Everlast Pharmacy

Everlast pharmacy is our innovative provider from which all the needed materials for beauty procedures are always available.




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