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Tired of always reapplying your lipstick, wasting time evening your eyeliner, and constantly drawing and refilling your eyebrows? Save time and always be ready to go with Permanent Make-Up!

5 Benefits of Permanent Make-Up:
⁠ ⁠
• Saves Time
• Creates Symmetry
• Smudge-Free
• Long Lasting
• Safe & Painless

• Microblading
• Microshading
• ⁠Permanent Lip Color
• ⁠Permanent Eyeliner


How is Microblading different from eyebrow tattooing?

In microblading, the aesthetician uses a pen filled with pigment to draw in the eyebrows rather than a mechanical device injecting dye, which cannot offer such fine strokes.

How is Microblading done?

Microblading uses a special hand tool to deposit pigment in an artistic method that simulates hair strokes in the brow.

How long does the actual Microblading procedure take?

The first procedure should take about 2 to 3 hours. Believe it or not, much of that time is spent just on planning the microblading procedure, deciding on the shape and color of the brow, and other details. If the planning is done properly, the actual procedure takes about an hour.

How long will eyebrows last with Microblading?

A properly done microblading generally lasts between 3 to 5 years, depending on the color of the skin, hair, the pigment that best matches your hair, as well as the creams and cleansers used.


What is Microshading?

Microshading is a semi-permanent makeup technique in which pigment is inserted under your skin using a manual or electric tool with needles which administrates tiny, pin-like dots in a gradient pattern, creating a semi-permanent powdered effect.

Yet another name for this treatment is powder brows, due to its subtler look in which the tail of the brow is darker and fades to a lighter shade towards the start of a brow, giving it a softer look. Note that some artists consider microshading and powder brows one and the same, while the others make a slight difference.

Who is Microshading for?

These ombre powder eyebrows, as they are also known, are a dream-come-true for all those desiring more evenly and consistently applied ink throughout the brow.

The incisions made with microshading tool are smaller than those with a blade, so this procedure is more gentle and less invasive than microblading, and most importantly, it is a perfect solution for everyone with sensitive and oily skin. In addition, this technique is perfect for anyone with sparse, over-plucked or light-colored brows.

What is the Difference Between Microshading and Microblading?

As mentioned, microblading uses manual blades to make cuts which mimic natural hairs and are filled with the ink. Microshading technique on the other hand, uses mostly an electric tool (sometimes it is done manually as well), which resembles mini tattoo gun with numerous needles which ensures that the ink is applied consistently and evenly throughout the brow. Therefore, the ink is the same for both treatments but the application, and the final look is different.

Many consider microshading a gentle version of microblading since the process is less painful and the looks differ in a sense that microbladed eyebrows mimic natural hairs, whereas microshading gives a powdered effect to the brows. Many opt for the combination of these two treatments to achieve their perfect look.

How Long Does Microshading Procedure Take?

The whole treatment usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

Permanent Lip Color

How Long Does Permanent Lipstick Last?

Even though it is called permanent lipstick, it lasts for 3 to 5 years, after which the color will fade. This is because pigment, not tattoo ink, is used. Also, lips are a very exposed area, which affects fading. However, if you have regular touch-ups you can prolong your permanent lipstick. It can last up to 10 years.

How Long Does the Healing Period Last?

The healing period lasts around one week. Your lips will be swollen at first and some scabbing will be involved. Also, the color will look too intense, but 50% of it will fade during the first week. It takes a little bit longer for the color to settle. During this period, you should religiously follow the tips your artist gave you, in order to avoid any discomfort during healing.

How Do I Choose a Permanent Lipstick Color?

You should discuss with your artist which shade and color fit you best. You will take your skin tone and your personal preferences into consideration.

In general, it should be a neutral color, similar to the color of your favorite lipstick. You should be able to apply a lipstick later in order to enhance or change the color of your lips. The most popular shade is soft pink.

Can I Have a Permanent Lipstick Treatment if I Have Lip Fillers?

It is better to avoid performing the treatment on people who have had lip fillers however, there is some required time that needs to pass between lip fillers and permanent lipstick treatment.

Permanent Eyeliner

Can I have eyeliner and lips and eyebrows all done at once?

Yes, a full-face procedure will take 3-4 hours. In fact, one advantage is that your aftercare and healing time for all the areas is consolidated into the same time frame. However, some people choose to do the procedures as individual appointments, and some will do only brows and eyeliner and return for lips later, etc.

How long does the procedure take?

Usually, each procedure appointment is one and a half to two hours. The majority of the time is spent in adequately consulting and selecting the appropriate color for your skin; in measuring and artistically drawing on the planned procedure prior to actually implanting the color; and allowing for the application of topical anesthetics. Complete after-care instructions will be reviewed verbally and then sent home in written copy form.

I am considering laser vision correction surgery. When can I get permanent eyeliner?

Either get your eyeliner done 2-3 weeks before your surgery, or you must then wait 3 months or until your doctor gives you the release to proceed with permanent eyeliner.

I have already had laser vision correction surgery or cataract surgery. Is it ok for me to get permanent eyeliner?

Yes, you must be 3 months post surgery or have a release from your eye surgeon prior to that.

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Saves Time

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Creates Symmetry

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Long Lasting

5 - Safe _ Painless-01

Safe & Painless





When you come to the appointment, ask your artist everything you need to know about the procedure and the aftercare.


Choosing the shape and color

Then you will together choose the shape and color of your lips/brows/eyeliner. The artist will use a pencil to outline the desired shape and once you are satisfied with the choice, the procedure can start.



The artist numbs the area with the application of topical anesthetic in order to lessen the pain.



Pigment is inserted into the first layer of your skin.


A touch up

After the desired area has healed, which usually takes 2-4 weeks, you should book a follow-up appointment. The artist will make some adjustments, add some color if it didn’t set in and round up the final look.



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